NextGen Programs

Our purpose is to identify, develop and advance the next generation of diverse board members and future board leaders.


Our programs are designed to accelerate the development of diverse high impact future board leaders.

NextGen Directors Program

+ Accelerate the development and placement of the next generation of diverse directors.

+ Build a pipeline of highly credentialed prospective board members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, ethnicities and genders.

+ Create a unique learning system by highly regarded faculty who are active board leaders across industry sectors.

+ Educate and socialize the next generation of board members to good governance practices.

+ Proactively match talent to current/future board opportunities.

Board Leaders Program

+ Accelerate enterprise value creation through the development of high-performing board leaders.

+ Significantly improve board performance by exposing class participants to a rigorous board leadership model focused on key structural, operational and cultural drivers, for the full board and individual committees, at each stage of a company’s growth.

+ Incorporate a strong shareholder-centric focus to the program content – provide board leaders with the tools to minimize the threat of future activist attacks.

+ Attract and develop an expert network of active board leaders from a variety of industry sectors and governance models.


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